@america – IRLA Hackathon

Regulatory and Legal Technology already be proven to change many processes in our society. Innovation greatly change legal ecosystem that helps to give more access to justice, guarding rule of law and optimize professional process.

Indonesia Regtech Legaltech Association and Jakarta Legal Hackers with partnership @america are proud to hosting Regulatory and Legal Technology Hackathon over 26 November, 3 December, and 10-14 December 2019.

What @america-IRLA Hackathon

To Expand understanding of regulatory and legal technology in Indonesia Ecosystem and part of catalyst to broaden legal capacity of stakeholders in Indonesia Legal Sphere. This event bringing together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, civil society, academia, legal professional, and students to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policy. Through a process of legal talk, workshop and hackathon we will achieve collaboration to change legal landscape and develop solutions to pressing legal policy issues related to legal technology.

3 Event

Regulatory and Legal Talk

Regulatory and Legal Talk

  • 06.00 PM – 08.00 PM 26 November 2019

    @america , Pacific Place Jakarta.

  • 06.00 PM – 08.00 PM 3 December 2019

    @america , Pacific Place Jakarta.

  • 06.00 PM – 08.00 PM 14 December 2019

    @america , Pacific Place Jakarta.


Regulatory and Legal Technology Workshop

Regtech and Legaltech Hackathon

Regtech and Legaltech Hackathon

  • Hackathon process will consist of 3-5 People in one team to make a prototype of solution that can solve some pressing legal problems. Team then will present their solution and best 3 solutions will get a prize.

Hackathon Process

Team needs to register before 8 December 2019, came to 3 Workshop from 10-12 December, make Solution 10-14 December and Present their solution 14 December.

50 Million Rupiah Prize

Participant requirements

  • Total capacity for the event is limited to 20 teams
  • Individuals may not register 
  • Teams can register with as few as three, but as many as five members. 
  • All participants must be Indonesian citizens (WNI) as well as currently residing in Indonesia
  • Participants must be between the ages of 15 and 35 years old
  • Each team must personally own and have access to at least one laptop for the workshop
  • Participants must be able to attend the entire 3-day Workshop Session (10-12 December 2019) and 2-day Problem Solving Session (13-14 December 2019) to be eligible to participate in the Final Presentation
  • The workshop is free of charge, but if there are any personal expenses that occur for the selected participants during the workshop (i.e transport fee, F&B, etc) those expenses are the responsibility of the participants.
  • If the selected team is travelling from outside of the greater Jakarta Metropolitan area, transportation, accommodations and/or per diem is the responsibility of the participant.

Issue that can Be Tackle

  • Access to Identity
  • Regulation Information Process
  • Case Processing and Procedure
  • Fact-Checking – Counter Hoax
  • Scale Up Pro Bono Service
  • Case Tracking
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain Process
  • Privacy Method
  • Information Chain of Custody
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance
  • Ease of Doing Business and Incorporation process
  • Legal Literation
  • Personal Credit Scoring
  • Idea that had Impacted legal ecosystem in your mind